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Testimonials of our clients:
  1. James was really a life saver. Two weeks ago I noticed a small crack in the lower right hand side of my windshield. I immediately called my insurance company who patched me through to safelite and an apt was made for the following day. Upon stopping, (I first noticed the crack while I was on the freeway) I noticed the crack was not quite so small and started with a stone chip in the bottom corner of my windshield and had spread a good 6″-7″.

    Safelite took one look at it and told me “no way”… so I began calling around to local glass repair places. One of the places I called passed on James’ cell phone number. James came out that afternoon, to my place of work, and went right to work.

    The job took over an hour, but this was due to James taking a great deal of care and pride in the repair, making sure the resin made its way to the crack and making sure the repair cured properly. James also took care of the insurance claim for me. Luckily my provider does pay for crack or chip repairs.
    At the end of the repair the crack was much, much less noticeable and Ive had no issues with the crack continuing to spread.  James made the pledge that if it does spread he would refund the cost (paid by the insurance company) to me to put towards the cost of a new windshield.
    Great work all around, very highly recommended!

    Matt N. | San Diego, CA

  2. I called Pacific Windshields after a pretty large crack developed in the lower left-hand side of my windshield. It was at least 8 inches long and very noticeable. James came out to my house a couple hours after I called, and set up shop right in my garage! Within a hour and a half, he was done and I could barely see the crack anymore! The price was very reasonable and James is a nice and professional guy. Plus he gives you a guarantee on the repair! I highly recommend his work.

    Jennifer R. | Carlsbad, CA

  3. My wife and I both had star cracks in our windshields.
    James (owner of Pacific Windshields) was very flexible in scheduling and was able to fill both cracks to the point we could barley notice them. I watched him work, and he treats the repair like an art! After watching him I saw how much goes into the repair.

    Do yourselves a favor and never buy a self repair kit! Much more goes into the process then putting some fluid on and letting it dry. James is good at what he does, guarantees his work to last, and is VERY REASONABLE!

    The price he charged to repair both star cracks was still half the price his major competitors would charge to repair one. On top of that he smoothed out a few benign surface chips for free.

    Lastly, he does *Window Repair,* not window replacements, so you do not need to worry about him up-selling you a replacement like some companies would.
    I would use him again if I ever needed to.

    Matthew G.

  4. Gave James a try and did not regret it. He showed up as agreed and was both very personable and professional. It was obvious as time went on that he is extremely conscientious and makes every effort to get the right result. I didn’t doubt that the (successful) effort to save my windshield was in the right hands. I recommend him without reservation. He’s a one man show and deserves our support.

    John S. | Carlsbad, CA